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TEC are one of the worlds top motor manufacturers. They are renowned for the production of quality electrical motor drives, industrial automation equipment, power and distribution transformers, industrial paints, electro-insulating varnishes and resins.

As the North West UK main distribution and service agents for TEC products, we can provide immediate delivery from stock, and complete customer service, all backed up by a truly international company

Three Phase Aluminium Motors

Three Phase Cast Iron Motors



General Information

  • We sell to a large number of clients, in all sorts of businesses, providing a trusted service at competitive prices.
  • All motors are guaranteed for 12 months, and are delivered complete with factory acceptance tests and standards conformity certificates.
  • We keep common size motors in stock, and can offer a fast turnaround on larger sizes through our affiliate network.
  • All motors are free delivery within a fifty mile radius. Outside of this, normal carriage charges apply. We apply discounts to repeat business clients, and on multiple unit orders.
  • Please contact us to discuss your requirements today.

Standard Features

  • Energy efficient standard motor with premium high-efficiency option
  • IP55 enclosure provides protection again dust and water jet
  • Robust cobstruction for industrial use
  • Vacuum impregnation for better insulation
  • Wide range of rated voltage (380V to 415V) – ‘Multivoltage’
  • Windings made of copper wire enamelled with class H polyester varnish
  • Bearings provided by world-class manufacturers

Multivoltage Motors

TEC multivoltage motors are designed to work with voltages in the range 380V -5% to 415V +6% with class B temperature rise (80k). this means that the motors meet most 50Hz supplies world-wide:

  • 220/380V +/-5%
  • 230/400V +/-10%
  • 240/415V +/-6%

These motors are also suitable to operate at 60Hz (460V +/-10%), with modified performance data. Other design voltages and special performance characteristics are available on request.

Thermal Protection

The following motor protections are available:

  • Motor protection with PTC thermistor sensors in the stator winding (1 or 2 per phase)
  • Thermostats with normally open or normally closed contacts in the stator winding
  • RTD (type PT100) for monitoring the winding or bearing temperature


  • Cable glands
  • Roller bearings on drive end
  • Taconite labyrinth seal
  • Second shaft end
  • Drip cover (canopy) for shaft down applications
  • Additional terminal box
  • Flanges
  • Regreasing system for frames 160 up to 200
  • Special painting plan for aggressive environments
  • Space heaters
  • Thermistors up to frame 200

Main Features:

  • 2 and 4 pole motors ex-stock up to 315 KW
  • 6 pole motors up to 250 KW
  • 8 pole motors up to 220 KW
  • Single phase up to 3.7KW, PERM CAP, CAP/CAP and speed controllable motors
  • 6 and 8 pole single phase avaiilable on request
  • 110 vlot single phase up to 3.7 KW ex-stock
  • 2 speed dual, tap wound fan rated and constant torque motors ex-stock
  • EEXD ATEX approved 2 and 4 pole up to 315 KW
  • EFF1 motors ex-stock
  • Brake motors up to 18.5 KW 2, 4 and 6 pole ex-stock
  • Larger sizes available on request
  • Increased output motors ex-stock up to 100 KW
  • Thermistors as standard
  • New range of DC motors
  • Same day modifications
  • On site warranty replacements
  • After sales support
  • Megawatt + KVA motors available on request

We also supply a full range of IP56 Marine duty motors, and IP65 Mining Duty Motors in the above range. Please CALL US for the latest prices on 01744 757070