We receive many phone calls from people who have questions about faulty electric motors. Here are just a few of them, If you are experiencing problems with your electric motor or gearbox then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are able to repair most electric motors and gearboxes and in extreme circumstances we can replace them with new.

If the motor is single phase then the problem could be one of many faults. It could be faulty switchgear, capacitor or short circuit in the winding ( motor will need repair or replacement).

If the motor is three phase then the probable cause will be a phase fault on the motor or a missing phase to the motor ( we can test the motor to determine the fault and then repair it).

This could be that the load the motor is driving is too great ( some part of the load has seized ).This could also be a mechanical fault on the motor or that the supply voltage has been reduced.

Yes, we can rewind /convert motor windings to accept most industrial & marine voltages.

Our works are open from 8.30-4.30 Monday to Friday or we can collect from your works with our own transport.

We are available by phone 24/7 if you need to contact our emergency engineers.

We operate a normal service of two to three days.
Alternatively, our emergency 24 hour service is available.

This could be one of a number of problems, either the result of a insulation breakdown within the motor, a seized or faulty bearing resulting in overheating of the motor or an overload of the motor.

Faulty electric motor faq