Motors - general information

General Information

  • We sell to a large number of clients, in all sorts of businesses, providing a trusted service at competitive prices.
  • All motors are guaranteed for 12 months, and are delivered complete with factory acceptance tests and standards conformity certificates.
  • We keep common size motors in stock, and can offer a fast turnaround on larger sizes through our affiliate network.
  • All motors are free delivery within a fifty mile radius. Outside of this, normal carriage charges apply. We apply discounts to repeat business clients, and on multiple unit orders.
  • Please contact us to discuss your requirements today.

Standard Features

  • Energy efficient standard motor with premium high-efficiency option
  • IP55 enclosure provides protection again dust and water jet
  • Robust cobstruction for industrial use
  • Vacuum impregnation for better insulation
  • Wide range of rated voltage (380V to 415V) - 'Multivoltage'
  • Windings made of copper wire enamelled with class H polyester varnish
  • Bearings provided by world-class manufacturers

Multivoltage Motors

TEC multivoltage motors are designed to work with voltages in the range 380V -5% to 415V +6% with class B temperature rise (80k). this means that the motors meet most 50Hz supplies world-wide:

  • 220/380V +/-5%
  • 230/400V +/-10%
  • 240/415V +/-6%

These motors are also suitable to operate at 60Hz (460V +/-10%), with modified performance data. Other design voltages and special performance characteristics are available on request.

Thermal Protection

The following motor protections are available:

  • Motor protection with PTC thermistor sensors in the stator winding (1 or 2 per phase)
  • Thermostats with normally open or normally closed contacts in the stator winding
  • RTD (type PT100) for monitoring the winding or bearing temperature