Services from Cleveland Electrical

Maintenance plans 

Our qualified engineers provide expert motor advice to clients in all industrial fields. Whatever environment your motors operate in, from hazardous areas to ultra hygiene, we can help keep them running and keep inconvenient and expensive "shutdowns" to a minimum.

For your peace of mind, we provide a number of motor maintenance plans. Costs of these plans are based on:

  • The site location
  • The number of motors
  • The size and type of these motors
  • The frequency of visits
  • Who benefits from the service

Our maintenance plans are designed to assist those companies  whose maintenance teams are struggling with the workload  whose processes are critical, and motor failures would be an extremely expensive problem.

For an agreed fee, our technicians will carry out a number of tests to ensure your motors are running efficiently, spot imminent problems before they halt your plant, and deliver written reports of their findings to you. This process subsequently gives you peace of mind and simply means spending a little now in order to save a lot more later.

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